Monday, October 1, 2012

Glad to be home

 A very quick trip to the city and back (to take Tom 'home') might mean delicious and decadent treats in cafes.
 And it might also mean catching up with family (in this case my sister and niece) but, I am ever so glad to be home. I am tuckered out from to-ing and fro-ing. I get teary when I leave Tom in Sydney and think maybe we should just move there too but by the time I am half way home, I am fine and not a bit enchanted with the idea of moving home. He is fine of course, the girls don't really care a bit and Tim is quite stoic by nature. I have my very own life here and that is as it should be.

 And that life is full of prettiness right now. Many of the lavenders are in full swing. The bees are completely taken with them.

Lavender and bees
 The bees work fairly methodically. They generally land at the bottom of the lavender flower and work their way up to the top sipping from each tiny true flower along the way. They are very clever and I can and do watch them for quite some time. That's where I have been having my morning cuppa each day, amongst the bees in the herb garden.

Snow pea
 This is pretty to me too. Snow peas are delicious. The girls only eat them raw so many don't make it out of the garden to the kitchen but that is just fine. And besides, if you can't beat them, join them I say. They make a great gardening snack.
Globe artichoke
 Pretty ,pretty globe artichokes just poking up their heads. They are a fairly recent addition to our table and even if we didn't eat them at all, I would grow them anyway. They make such a spectacular addition to the herb or flower garden. Though I have this one in the vegetable garden, I won't plant another one there, they take up too much room.
Purple sprouting broccoli
Pretty in my opinion too, the purple sprouting broccoli. What can I say, I am a vegie fan and I don't think there is one I don't like even the much maligned Brussel's sprout is on my favourites list.

Now I am off to do a spot of baking because my sister is actually visiting me at home tomorrow for morning tea. Morning and afternoon tea is my favourite way to entertain.

P.S. My good friend Vickie told me that she has had trouble with commenting because of the verification codes being difficult to decipher. Hence, I am switching it off and turning on comment moderation in its place. Hope that helps any wannabe commenters and maybe even causes some 'delurking'.


Janice said...

I can understand how you are torn when leaving Tom in Sydney, but there is no place like home. Your season is so much more advanced than ours. We are still getting frosts, so I doubt if we will have much fruit this year. Enjoy your time in your garden.

Alicia said...

Purple broccoli!! I love snow peas too, not many of them make it inside :)

Becky said...

Glad you got there and back safely and have settled in amongst the lavender and bees.... although... that yummy beverage/dessert HAD TO be tough to walk away from. LOL! I turned off all that code bits on my blog as well as they are so hard for people to see... I'd rather have the comments.

Kim said...

Love the picture of the snow pea, it is positively glowing.
I have trouble with word verification too .It usually takes me about 3 goes to get it right. I took it off my blog for a while but then find I was inundated with spammers, so had to put it back on.

Joolz said...

The word veri is just so hard to decipher sometimes... I will do the same.

The Gardening Shoe said...

Hello! I've just discovered your blog and I've really enjoyed reading it.

Isn't it great that veg can be delicious and pretty? I love your description of the bees working their way up the lavender flowers. I shall watch out for this in the future.

africanaussie said...

Hope you enjoyed your tea with your sister. You can never follow your kids, they will keep moving - it is the nature of them....:) thank heaven for skype :0