Friday, October 12, 2012

Blustery weather

 We have had a sudden turn around in our weather.It seems to be fairly widesdpread with snow close by, a frost here this morning and wet, windy and cold weather for the past two days. Not really unusual for this time of year but my outdoor thermometer is telling me that there has been a difference in over twenty degrees C in the maximum and minimum temperatures in the past couple of days. I think that's what has the most effect. You get used to be warm and then all of a sudden it is cold again. Thankfully I hesitated in planting out some tomato seedlings (though I did plant out a couple of rosells) on Wednesday because it was too hot. I'm sure they would be fine in the cold and wet but perhaps not the frost that we had this morning.

And in what seems to be the way of things, a ewe had to be assisted with delivering twin lambs yesterday in the rain. They are big lambs and both had their left front feet facing backwards. Just a little bit of a helping hand and they were both on the ground and up and about in no time. Sometimes it is very hands-on and not for the faint hearted.

Puss gets to live the life though. We have had the fire on all day and she has hardly moved. Being a cat, I'm sure she thinks it is just for her benefit.

Tonight I am going to get a bit of sewing done. It is just the weather for it.

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Casa Mariposa said...

It snows in Australia? I never knew that! I'm glad the lambs are ok. :o)