Monday, October 15, 2012

Whatever the weather

 Well, well. We are back to spring again after a brief bit of winter last week. Today would have to hvae been just about perfect wetherwise. The sun was shining but it wasn't too hot and I spent most of the day outdoors. There was a bit of damage to a few potato leaves from last weeks frosts but not so bad that they won't recover. Thankfully.The sunny weather doesn't make for the best photography though, the colours area little washed out.

Immi, Karmen and Liz.

I love my little black lambs. They don't stay black for long so I enjoy it while it lasts. Soon enough they will have white bodies and only black faces and legs. Still cute and very much the quintessential storybook sheep. Most of our lambs have names and the three above are named for three of Tom's friends from university (at their request). They may stay on the farm for breeding or sold to another Suffolk sheep breeder. Prices start around the $300 mark so they aren't cheap  but Suffolks are a great breed to keep and care for and they are from registered pure bred sheep. Then again, some rams can fetch prices in the thousands.

I moved my wrought iron garden setting into the vegie garden today. There was a perfect spot for it by the lavender and I'm hoping to have a few tea breaks and a lunch/ dinner or two down there this spring/ summer. Besides that it will give me a nice place to have a rest while I work outside. With todays warm weather I planted kidney and borlotti beans, turmeric, squash and a couple of watermelon (moon and stars). Also a couple of bromeliad plants from my Mum and a couple of lilac plants from my Nan's garden. I also took some of the lilac blooms from her tree (they are on the table above). I had a great day, I hope yours was good too.


Christy said...

Seems just right to move your little table set there and enjoy it.

The black lambs are special.

Take care,

Lil Bit Brit

P.S. Does the Suffolk breed originate in Suffolk, UK? That's where my sister lives.

Becc said...

I love those little black lambs, they're soooo cute!

Lisa said...

Tracy, like I've said before, I always enjoy your scenery.

Karen said... cute are they! Wow, didn't know that they changed colour as they got learn something new every day. I love the garden setting where you have it...nice spot for a cuppa!

Carolyn ♥ said...

You are living my dream, my dear. Love those little lambs. My Dad raised sheep for a hobby on our ranch when I was a child. Happy was the day when a mamma couldn't care for a lamb and he brought it home for me to nurture until it was ready to rejoin the flock. Sweet memories!