Friday, February 22, 2013

Back to the routine

I'm so happy that Tim is well again. He returned to work today after twelve days at home and already I miss having him about. It has meant that my day is settling back into its normal routine. I have a bit of a plan of what's to be done each day and I'm back on track. Of course there are always things that crop up to create a diversion but today so far has been smooth sailing.
I even had a few spare minutes after I put the kitchen to rights to make these lotion bars. Fiona suggested them and the tutorial is here.

They are a perfect  for someone like me with beeswax on hand . They are emolient,easy to make and the few drops of lavender oil I added to the mix made them smell simply lovely. Now I hope they work wonders on my goat-like gardener's knees but that might be just too much to expect.

But those gardener's knees are worth it because I get to spend time amongst the flowers. The marigolds are simply stunning right now. I no longer have to sow seeds for marigolds, they pop up here and there when they are ready. The place they grow most readily here is the vegetable garden which is a boon because they are such good companions to many plants.

I picked up this lovely plant from BigW on Wednesday. I had to be in town for my regular blood donation (that didn't end up happening) and decided to treat myself to a plant or two. I actually only ended up with one because nothing else really caught my eye. I know what type of plant it is but I can not get the name to come to mind. I must be trying too hard to remember.

Today is gusty and cool, It's nice to have to rug up a little to go outside for a change.


Lisa said...

Tracy, you seen to accomplish so many things! The bars are cute - what, you just rub them on the area and they soften on contact with your warm skin?
About your husband - so many women complain when their husbands are around; it's nice to hear the opposite.

Kimmie said...


Are you selling any of your lotion bars? I have been purchasing mine from the USA as could not find any for sale here in Aus?

Would much prefer to purchase some from you.



africanaussie said...

Those flowers are lovely - are they canterbury bells? well I bet those those lotion bars will make you feel good and smell nice if they do nothing else. I make an exfoliant for rough spots out of 1 TBS each of sugar and oil, just rub that into your skin for a few minutes, and rinse off. Your skin will be lovely and soft.

shez said...

these lotion bars look great Tracy,lovely pics of your flowers.xx

Vickie said...

glad to read that Tim is well again..You are always buzzing around doing things and I know some are just everyday chores and some may even be a chore in itself not really liked..I lvoe you pics that you post and what you share with us...cheers Vickie

Becky said...

Your soap looks wonderful in that bowl and the blooms you've shared are gorgeous!

Gooseberry Jam said...

Lovely to meet you Tracey, you have the cutest animals on your farm there. I traveled through Scotland many years ago and fell in love with those cows. They are just gorgeous. :)

Zara said...

Like the sound of those lotion bars.

Fiona said...

so good to hear that Tim is so much better... amazing what a tiny little spider can do.... glad you liked the lotion bars... I am delighted with the beeswax and mine... use it all the time now...