Sunday, February 24, 2013



The asparagus flowers are the place to be right now if you are a bee that is. The flowers are nondescript individually but on mass they are quite nice. The humble little bee though appreciates every tiny flower. I heard them amongst the flowers before I saw them. The plants are bushy and as the bee flies between each flower it visits, you can hear it buzz and buzzing they were. They appear to be taking in some nectar but it's those pollen bags that are impressive. Bright orange and full.

 It looks like a pumpkin but in fact it is a Ronde de nice zucchini which I left for seeds. It is huge but weighs hardly anything at all given its size. It is just all hollow and seedy. I didn't leave it on purpose but by the time I found it, it was too late for anything else. There are still a few zucchini coming on but it won't be long and they will have to be pulled up. There are definitely touches of autumn in the air. You can feel it best when it is early morning. I love those chilly starts to the day.

At long last ( I thought it would never happen) the bhut jolokia chilli is bearing fruit. I was drawn in by the claim that it is the hottest chilli in the world right now. I'm sure there will be another to take its place but for the moment, this one will do me. Now it is a waiting game for the fruits to ripen in to the orange/red that they become. Tonight however, I will be picking one or two for the curry I am making for dinner.
Over the years, I have developed less of a tolerance for chillies but I'll still give it a go. I have habaneros too to compare it to so we shall see if it is indeed hotter. Tim and Tom are rather fond of chillies so I will let them be the judges in the end. If looks are anything to go by, it should be super hot because it really is one of the ugliest chilli fruits I have seen.
And just for good measure with the weather which has been all over the place this week, we are having a sunshower. Perfect opportunity to spend the rest of a relaxing Sunday indoors making and baking.


shez said...

such lovely nature pics Tracy.xx

Vickie said...

I love all that I learn from visiting your are such a sharing person tracy..I thank you..gorgeous pics too,cheers Vickie

Lisa said...

Enjoy your Sunday, Tracy. Love the view! And, that must be the prettiest zucchini I ever saw.

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Everything looks alive still at your place! Cannot say the same for here. :/