Friday, February 1, 2013

Hotch Potch it is then

Well thank you to everyone who left me comments on the last post. I think the general concensus was that hotch-potch posting is the go. I won't argue with that. My life in general and each day in particular is made up of so many roles and different activities and I think that is refelcted here. Maybe I should call it eclectic, sounds much fancier.

 I offered these two boys for sale last week and I am happy to say they are SOLD. Rams that can't be used for their only real purpose, breeding, are quite useless on the farm but I don't sell them until I see what their conformation is like. These two are pretty quite good Suffolk rams but would not win any shows. One of them is heading off to Sydney tomorrow and the other will only be about 120km from here. Both properties are only small holders so rams which are used to human contact as these are will be ideal.

I am having a little more trouble selling ducks. I have had a bit of interest but no definite takers as yet. Having photo-bombing roosters in the very average pictures they let me take doesn't help either. I actually don't mind if they all stay (as long as there are no drakes in the mix). The only drawback is ducks eat like every meal is their last.

And as usual for this time of the year, I have been spending time looking at our finances. On paper things balance up ...just. So I am going to try to be more frugal in my ways and I will try to share that here. My first step, is writing down all of our spending. I think this helps because if you know you have to write it down then you be a little more accountable.
Have a great weekend,


Fiona said...

I also have to be frugal and have found making my own home cleaning stuff one of the biggest savers...

Kim said...

Glad you chose hotch potch!
Your rams with their little black faces look so lovely...if only they made a wiltipoll with a black face!
HOw many sheep do you have Tracy? We have 13 at the moment ,though couple are going to be lamb chops very soon.

Missy said...

Indian Runners? I just love them and I've wanted some for quite a while but my husband won't even consider it because he thinks they'll make too much mess. I'd like to convince him they would be no trouble.
I've even looked up an Indian Runner page on face book. You may even get a buyer through there if you're still looking.