Monday, February 4, 2013

There and back

There and back again. We have driven down to Sydney and back this time with a ram in tow. As we were heading down that way we decided it would be ok to deliver one of our year old rams. He is now safely ensconced in a backyard in the suburban fringe of Sydney until he heads off to his new home on a small farmlet with some ewes to keep him company. And I learnt something, my sheep don't like horses.

I only drove half of the trip this time (thankfully) so I managed to make  a crocheted pincushion. I'm not sure what it is about crocheting but I find it quite addictive. It could be that only a little effort and knowledge and skill can have some rather nice results. This one is going to be a part of a Random Act of Kindness parcel from my yahoo quilting group. I have had a real turn around in my craft colour schemes. I have always been one for muted tones and favouring blues but right now, brights are my 'thing'.

Meals have been simple. Tonight we are having an easy soup of sweet potato and lentils with bread rolls. Cheap, healthy and simple. I love cooking and would gladly sit down to the meals they serve up at restaurants or on television cooking programs but I am trying to save a dollar or two and use up what we have on hand. The easy peas fried rice above was made with stir fried vegies from the garden(and frozen peas)- eggplant,tomatoes, spring onion, carrots, corn, garlic mixed with left over basmati rice and ketchup manis to taste. Cost next to nothing especially as the vegies were mostly homegrown.

The worst part of the weekend. We took three children to Sydney and had to leave one behind. Tom is on work placement for university and then it is full steam ahead for second year. I'll look on the bright side, I have my sewing room back (once I give it a good tidy)



Joolz said...

We had both our girls home this weekend which was lovely and now they are back in Adelaide - they said we tired them out! Ha!

Bri is coming back next Wednesday for a few more weeks until Uni starts then we probably won't see the girls until Easter.

I like easy meals like the rice too. Tonight I have a lamb chop curry hotpot in the oven using left over chops that didn't get eaten last night. It will do us for dinner then lunch tomorrow and probably some to freeze for another lunch too.

Cheers - Joolz

Kimberley Atkinson said...

The rice looks yummy! I do the odd bit of crocheting ( usually only squares and long rows for blankets) but have no idea how to read a crochet pattern!
Actually I think the last blanket I made and a cushion cover I threw into the op shop bag! My mum has made amazing crochet blankets for us all. I love bright colours!

Paola said...

Hi Tracy - I went to Sydney over the weekend too, and on the trip I was crocheting dishcloths :)