Monday, February 25, 2013

Smelling Roses

I have a busy week nay fortnight ahead. There is the usual work and the housework as well but on top of it all, I am Grace's roadie/ driver for rehearsals and performances for a musical she is in. Our schedule is usually quite simple but for the next two weeks, I have written where I have to be and when because I'm a little afraid I just might forget. I'm not one of those people who enjoys driving or even being a passenger much, it's just a means to an end. That's not to say that I don't make the best of the driving time with a bit of thinking and music listening but I'd still rather just not. Tim on the other hand, loves driving. A perfect match maybe. I hope so.

Because I am going to be busy I thought I should take a few moments this morning to literally and figuratively smell the roses. They have been poor performers this season because of the heat and dry but now that we are cooling down for autumn and have had some rain, they are having a flush of blooms. Not too many yet, but enough to allow for some whiling away of minutes if not hours conferring with them.

 Unfortunately all of the roses which are offering up precious blooms, are of the low scent variety. Never mind stopping to smell the roses still felt good.

And I'm always on the lookout for bees when I'm out and about. The buddleia seems to be full of nectar if the buzzing is anything to go by. When we first thought about getting bees, I wasn't that interested. I wanted them but it was really Tim's baby. Now I'm just about as keen as him maybe moreso sometimes. He is more responsible for the heavy side of things like lifting supers and the like whereas I tend to the indoor activities like the wax processing. I think my biggest interest though is in their behaviour. Observing which flowers are favourites and which they don't bother with, the differences between the hives. I can easily see why some scientists dedicate their working lives to a creature which although tiny, has an important role in the wellbeing of the planet.


shez said...

very interesting Tracy,we have had a short supply of bees where we are so we are trying to plant flowers that will attract them.xx

Joolz said...

Stunning roses, just beautiful!

trishie said...

Beautiful roses, Tracy. My roses aren't doing so well this year either. Must be the weather.

Christy said...

Perfect rose.

I'm so looking forward to the end of a grey winter.

It used to be June for roses here, but now it seems to be the end of May, when I think my garden looks the best before the hot summer kicks in.

All those verges look wonderful.