Friday, April 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I think bits and pieces sums up school holiday time around here fairly well. We don't have a plan for each day but just do the jobs that must be done and bits and pieces of whatever we like. Grace has been riding her bike mostly and Hope has been spending quite a bit of time with her dolls house. We received a new set of furniture a couple of weeks ago from a lovely family frend who we call Pa. He is very proudly 97 years old and made the furniture himself (he also made the dollshouse but that was a few years ago now).
The bits and pieces which have filled my day have been mostly outdoors. 

 Weeding and planting and removing the last of the beans. This little fellow (he is about 10cm/4inches long) has been living amongst the beans for quite some time. He scurries around whenever I water them but isn't too perturbed and is always there next time. Even today after I pulled all of the beans out in this bed, he just moved on over to the dahlias. Grace even gave him a pat (that's liking lizards a bit too much in my opinion). If I was Tim, I would be able to tell you what sort of lizard it is but I haven't a clue. I only know he is cute.

Pulled up a bunch of parsnips too and they are on the menu tonight pureed. Some vegetables really taste pretty much the same whether they are store bought or homegrown. Parsnips are not one of those. Shop parsnips still have plenty of flavour but homegrown can't be topped for fragrance and flavour. In fact if you aren't too fond of parsnips, homegrown would be worse than shop bought because they pack too much punch. Much like carrots, the homegrown are very carrot-y. Too much so for this carrot disliker (I still eat them though because they are good for me). 

I've also been thinking about my Biggest Morning Tea. I have decided the 17th of May will be the dayfor my morning tea but we have the collection box set up in the kitchen and whenever we have a tea break from now until donation time, we will drop a few coins in the box. I did this last year too and built up a few dollars by the time the actual morning tea happened. After that, I leave the box up to collect for High Tea for Habitat which I will be hosting again this year. Both events are a great way to raise funds and take some time to relax and enjoy some good company which I don't do often enough. There's still time to register for a morning tea or if not, find one to attend.



shez said...

lovely post Tracy and we love home grown parsnips,ours arent ready yet.Good luck with your morning tea.xx

Jan said...

I love parsnips. Have you any idea of the small fortune you have just pulled out of the ground? Probably a very small fortune for the grower and a larger one for Colesworths. I bought one yesterday. I'm making lamb and barley soup tomorrow, old fashioned vegetable soup really. Two essential ingredients as far as I'm concerned are parsnips and celery. Other veges too, but those are essential for it to taste just right.

Fiona said...

I love it when lizards come to visit at my place too... and I love parsnips... especilly roasted.... all the best for a successful morning tea... a great event to support...