Wednesday, April 17, 2013

School holidays = fun

We have been making the most of these autumn school holidays. Three whole weeks without a strict schedule to keep makes for lots of fun.

The birthday party with the "olden days" theme on Sunday was great according to Hope. I am with Lisa regarding the connection of "olden days" and tie-dyeing but I guess maybe to the 11 year old whose party it was, the era of tie-dyeing is probably considered olden. The tie-dyed fabric Hope made has just finished drying and it is bright but certainly not over the top but I'm not sure what we will make with it yet.

We went on a sojourn to Murrurundi on Monday. Tim was working there for the day and the girls and I had a great time looking around the town. The local war memorial gardens are gorgeous right now. I only wish my roses looked so vibrant.

We picnicked and did  a spot of reading, stitching and sketching in the local park. Not a vacation proper but a nice day out just the same.

 Closer to home, just a few minutes up the street, there is a pine forest. It's serene and cool and the place to go for a few pine nedles for the smoker we use when inspecting the bee hives.

And what's a holiday without some fishing. No fish on this trip. And no gold in our pans from our fossicking attempts. Next time maybe.



Lisa said...

Looks lovely! (I mailed your letter on Monday.)

shez said...

what a peaceful spot Tracy.xx

Fiona said...

lovely set of pictures.... 'olden days' is open to interpretation I guess.... I feel a bit odd when I see things I used when I was younger in the museums as vintage and antique!!
I love the smell of pine forests... perhaps because I grew up around so many...