Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day weekend

From "The Sydney Morning Herald" 5/5/2103
We spent a nice few days in Sydney over the Mother's Day weekend. It was a treat to have us all together under one roof even if it was only for a couple of days. I got to visit my vet in training and part-time Stormtrooper son (he's the middle trooper above), one of my sisters and her children and get very tired in the process. I'm not sure why a weekend of doing not very much (well not as much as usual) makes me so weary.

A homemade card with self-portraits. Grace and Hope did a fair job but Tim and Tom thankfully hardly resemble their efforts at all.
We squeezed in a session of roller skating too. If we lived near a rink, Grace would want to skate every week but at $60 for a two hour skate for four of us, I'm not sure I could afford it. Once in a while is quite enough for me. I must say though roller skating is still great even after quite a few years of being off my wheels and it really makes me smile.

I'm still waiting for rain here with increasing levels of impatience. In my area it is nowhere near as bad as other places but very much needed nonetheless. Clouds are building a little today but we shall see.


shez said...

lovely post Tracy,glad you had a lovely weekend.xx

Lisa said...

We were also having a dry spell, but got plenty of rain the past two days.

Happy Mothers' Day, and hope some rain is in your near future. :)

simplestitches said...

glad you had a lovely Mother's Day...
family occasions are always to be appreciated....


PS your honey (from a few previous posts) looks amazing! bet it tastes amazing too!

Kim said...

Clouds building here too Tracy. ..but not a drop of rain in sight.