Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The day started quite promising with a gentle drizzle but it really hasn't amounted to much more than that. I was hoping for a day of heavy rain so I could do some craft and letter writing but mostly so it would fill our tanks.

In fact, there has been enough dry patches for me to spend an hour or so weeding and tidying up. The herb garden (above) is divided into four distinct beds and I first broke ground there ten years ago. Some of the plants are still going strong, the rosemary in particular, but two of the beds needed a complete overhaul. I've cleared what needs to go and now the best part, replanting. I'll use a few free plants volunteered from other parts of the garden and also buy some new ones too. So the herb garden isn't looking its best but it is neat... for now.

I will probably leave most of the planting until the weather warms up in spring so the new plants don't have to get their bearings in the garden when it is cold or frosty. That will also give me a bit more time to plan things rather than just pop things in where there is a space though that has worked well enough up 'til now. And a bit more time to revitlalise the soil with compost and maybe some green manure.

My favourite herbs are lavender, thyme, basil and coriander. I can't pick just one. Do you have a favourite herb?

This pair of handsome roosters (along with three others) are in desperate need of a new home or they are going to get the 'chop'. I checked the local Gumtree page and it seems fairly flush for roosters so I don't think there would be any joy there. It's not a farm service that I want to offer but a friend had five bantam roosters in her backyard in town and nobody prepared to dispatch them for her. So they are here  now but not for long.



Tania @ Out Back said...

Not much rain here either Tracy. Had a nice shower or two this afternoon and then it went...we had 6mm on the weekend so I guess what we had today will keep things damp for a bit longer. On the upside I don't have to water the veggies.

We have five roosters here waiting too. Chop, chop, chop shortly. They are way too disruptive to the hen house!

My favourite herbs are mint, parsley, thyme, rosemary, oregano. These are the ones I grow. I love lavender but I tend to kill it :)

Hoping you get a lot more rain from the next front passing through this week :)


shez said...

i love growing herbs my favourite is sage i have a lovely sage bush .xx

Lisa said...

Oh, that photo of your beds - it gives a real good idea of your landscape, etc. Great!

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Can't seem to get lavender to grow here, I think the soil is too hard and water doesn't drain well. I must try a pot instead, I think, as no garden is complete without a bit of lavender.

My favourite herb, though, is sage. There are so many varieties and it is very versatile. I love the different scents of the different kinds and the flowers are so pretty.