Friday, May 31, 2013

'New' Chickens

The white chooks
 We have four 'new' chickens. They cam home in a box with Tim on Wednesday night and I was informed that they were a motley crew of two Isa brown hens and two big white chooks of unknown breed with one possibly being a rooster. A couple of weeks ago we had the five unwanted bantam roosters to deal with (only 4 were roosters and the hen is now happy with my other bantams) and now these  birds have come to stay. All of these ones will stay unless of course the white one with the questionable gender starts crowing. Apparently the previous owner took ill and couldn't care for them properly and consequently they are a bit straggly looking but hopefully with some good food and getting out to range on the grass in a few days time they will be looking good and more importantly feeling good again soon.

Isa brown
 Despite the fact that this Isa is probably half the weight of the white chickens, she is definitely boss. She might even be a bit of a bully because the other four seem a bit scared of her.

Black Indian Runner drake
 While I was over near the poultry pens, I snapped a picture of my Black Indian Runner drake. I can not do his plumage justice with my camera. He has such a lovely beetle-green sheen to his feathers. This is a good thing. With age he has developed a little bit of a purple sheen to the feathers on his lower half and although this isn't a good trait for show birds, I like it.

Sorghum ready for the header
And where was I yesterday? Well I was hanging out on a big farm at a friends home enjoying not only good company, some uninterrupted stitching time but both morning tea and a delicious lunch. I really can't even remember the last time someone cooked lunch for me. It was such a treat and I had a wonderful time.



Fiona said...

Your Indian Runner looks very impressed with himself! lovely bird and I'm sure the new folk will get in order very soon.... A day out and especially having a meal prepared is such a treat ...

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Congrats on the new chickens! It's nice of you to take them in from the previous owner. I'm sure they will settle in and be happy and healthy in no time. Your drake is so handsome! I bet his feathers are gorgeous in the sunlight.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I've always wanted Indian Runner ducks. Hopefully on our next property. Hooray for the new chickens - I'm sure they will be feeling and looking better in no time.

trishie said...

So nice of you to take in the chickens from their previous owners, Tracy. And your Indian runner drake looks very majestic! (Like a boss!)