Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Time is flying

Time is flying by this week. Already it is Wednesday and five days into June. Five cold days into June. The first of the month must have triggered something because winter it definitely is. I do love seeing those wintery scenes from the northern hemisphere with things covered in snow and looking very pretty but when all is said and done, I think I am happy with the fact that at anytime of the year, I can be growing something for us to enjoy on our plates.

In the vegetable garden things are growing and although I can't hear them, I know the plants breathed a happy sigh after the 51mm of rain we had over the weekend. It was really glorious rain. The kind which soaks in and does no end of good.

There are still a few summer garden remnants down there like capsicum and chillies but I think they won't last too much longer.

The cabbage moth grubs are doing a bit of damage. This lot have been taken care of and the chickens were quite happy about that. But I do think I will be using Dipel or the like to keep on top of them now. Crushed eggs shells don't seem to work as a deterrent for me and I don't have netting that would cover these beds. At the moment I am just picking them off by hand and passing them on to those who appreciate them more than me. I don't mind sharing some of my crop with the bugs and other wildlife but not all of it.

California poppy

What I am finding lacking in the garden right now is flowers. Whether it is just a slow time in general or that I have just been lax in my plantings and not put anything in that would be pretty now. There are a couple of lavenders which have flowers, some pansies and the California poppy above hasn't stopped showing off for months but other than these few, it is a pretty bland colour palette out there. I think I might use my pocket money this week buying a few  pretty flowering things to pop around the place.

I'm off now to attempt to sort out a bit of an issue with a beehive but more on that later.


shez said...

Hi tracy your garden is looking great,we have trouble with the white butterfly and snails,this winter hubby has netted over the cabbages and cauli and fingers crossed that will work.xx

Scarecrow said...

Wow Tracy great to hear about the rain. Hasn't it been a real wintry start to winter this year. Brrr!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you got the soaking rain! (every day I look for your letter - so far, no. It seems like an awfully long time, but you do live far away......)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

hooray for the rain! although I love winter, I do long for the colors of beautiful blooms.