Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sweet Overload

Morning teas are yum but I don't have a sweet tooth (thankfully). In fact, I didn't partake of a single sweet morsel from our Biggest Morning Tea table on Friday. I am a sucker for those little sandwich triangles though. It was so nice to catch up with friends and to even have a volunteer waiter , Tim, pouring our coffee and tea. He did a great job and thanks to all for the donations to the Cancer Council.

 I have mastered macarons so I am not making them anymore. They are too sweet for me and I really can't understand the buzz about them. Lunch boxes are going to be very swish this week though. Grace loves them and wants more so I might not give up just yet.

 And at the moment I can't get enough of the pansies. Sweetness without a tooth or tummy ache in sight. Zero calories too. Perfect!


Vickie said...

that all looks lovely..I am pleased to read you had a good time..well done to Tim myself I don't understand the macarons either..I dislike them.Your pansies look gorgeous,cheers Vickie

shez said...

what a lovely spread Tracy and for such a great cause,well done.xx

Zara said...

Pansies are such cheerful little flowers.
And macaroons, i'm yet to try my hand at making them.

Lisa said...

That golden pansy is really something! I also find macarons way too sweet.

Kim said...

Great to see people doing the biggest morning tea. I am with you on cakes..I don't know why but I am not that fussed on them- unless something is chocolate, sweet stuff isn't for me.
Your macroons look lovely!

Paola said...

What a pretty table! Much as I would like to deny it, I do like a nice piece of cake - it has to be homemade though, otherwise I don't bother.
The macarons look very professional!