Sunday, June 23, 2013

A glimpse of my Sunday

Apparently Sunday dawned early today. The tiny rooster decided the extra bright moon was worthy of a crow at 1:43am. I'm not sure how everyone else in the house sleeps through these things but I would like to know their secrets. 

The cows have learnt that there are good things when they hear me whistle. And they do come running and yes, it is a little intimidating at first.

 The sheep aren't forgotten either. They wouldn't allow that. This is Fay and she doesn't bother herself eating with the rest of the flock, she just picks through the choice Lucerne in the wheelbarrow. Obviously being a friendly sheep has its benefits.

 I found this metal rocking chair on the roadside during a council collection. It was rusty but still sound. Once it was painted, all it needed was some cushions to make sitting and rocking comfortable.

 I used some patchwork squares that I found in a local op shop to make a set of cushions. I made the backs of the cushions with some vintage tea towels from my Nan's collection and put some older pillows inside. The patchwork squares were mostly sewn together when I brought them home and they do have a certain 70s vibe about them so they suit the rather retro rocker just fine.

And what to do when you've just made cushions for a rocking chair? Sit in it of course. I spent a little time there reading Hugh's Three Good Things on a plate. I have all of the other HFW cook books but wasn't sure about this one so I borrowed it from the library and it actually is rather good. I might just have to put in a request for my birthday. Tonight for soup night we are having a simple soup from this book, a tomato and pearl barley soup. We'll be eating alfresco by the light of some candles, a little fire and the super moon (unless we get too cold).

Thanks for having a peek at a little part of my Sunday.


Vickie said...

I love them beast they are so deadly..IO can imagine them running towards you would be a tad eeekk for a the rocker well looks magnificent. We had soup tonight but not alfresco as we have bad mozzies at the moment ,cheers Vickie

Lisa said...

I like your Sunday, Tracy. The chair is fabulous and I love your cushions!
That cookbook also sounds interesting.
Your sheep looks like she has a button on her ear - I suppose that's a tag. As for the cattle, they're so unusual looking with the long hair and curved horns - quite exotic.

Fiona said...

looks like some stunning winter weather... love your cows... and as for that restored rocking chair... just perfect..

Kimberley Atkinson said...

Gorgeous cushions! Your lifestyle sounds idyllic to me!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

The chair looks beautiful with the new cushion. Hugh's book - he's the same author of the River Cottage series, right? I've just been considering some of the those books lately.

EverydayGirl415 said...

I am curious about the cows. Do they have a coat that is worth using as fiber. I am a beginning spinner and was wonder. It looks like it would make some wonderful yarm]n, but I personally have never felt the texture of it.

Tania @ Out Back said...

I want that rocking chair Tracy, it is gorgeous! The cushion look great :)