Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to reality

Well, it was a wet few days away and now it's back to reality and with one extra at home too. Tom is home from university after the end of this semester. I've been told by those who know him to put him to work around the place. Hasn't happened so far. 
Sheoak in the rain
 We managed to squeeze in a few walks in between showers but not as many as we had planned. I do enjoy walking in the rain  sometimes but this was very heavy rain and wouldn't have been pleasant at all. Still where we stayed is not too far from home and those walks we wanted to do can easily be done on a day trip or two.

One place we did visit was the Washpools at Towarri National Park. It's a lovely spot even in the rain and we have earmarked it as a picnic spot for the spring/ summer. Perfect for my girls who always seem to find a way of ending up in the water when it is close by.

 I always love to visit places with nice gardens and our accommodation didn't disappoint. Obviously winter isn't the time for this garden to shine. The jonquils were already in flower though which was really nice.

And there was a very pretty pink rose in bloom too. Nice to see when my roses are very much dormant for the winter.

What else did we do? Lunches and dinners out. A Yoga workout courtesy of my Bob Harper DVD, some op shopping (I bought a 'new' basket which I love), a visit to a cheese factory/café (yum), a bit of knitting (me not Tim), reading and we watched a few episodes of Mrs Brown's Boys too. The time went quickly.

I think my arms are too short to take selfies.

Too quickly in fact just like the last 20 years.

Anyway, it is back to my real life now. No more swanning about in cafes and restaurants for a while. And with Tom home, I think I have to bake every day because as soon as something is out of the oven, he whoofs it down.


shez said...

lovely pics Tracy,yes those growing young men know how to eat,lol.Love the pic of the washpools i have never seen anything like that before,its so beautiful,and again happy anniversary.xx

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

beautiful photos and I love the one of the 2 of you. It has been very wet, hot and humid here.....I don't feel like baking at all. :) Happy you had a bit of a getaway - it's always a nice change of pace.