Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In the school holidays

In the school holidays I appear to go missing from this space. I haven't been too far from home at all just not online much. That's just how it is for me when the kids are at home and I'm not saying that is a bad thing. In fact it is probably how it should be.

We have been doing some 'renovating' in the poultry pens. My sister gave me some metal panels which are ideal for walls and they are on their way to being put up. The first step though was to remove a rather rampant vine that was not only shading the old pen but destroying it too. It's nice to have an extra pair of hands at home to help out with tasks which aren't high on the fun factor.

 Puss is very much an indoor cat even though when she arrived as a teeny-tiny kitten I vowed she was not going to be a spoilt, pampered pet. Her favourite thing to do besides sleeping is going outside on her leash for a walk and to nibble grass. Grace is a soft touch when it comes to leading the cat so it is usually her on the other end of the leash. Today they spent a fair bit of time with me in the vegetable garden.

frosty broccoli
And I know I recently blabbed on about spring-like weather but as predicted, winter has returned. The mornings have been frosty with all of our water troughs frozen until mid-morning. That's a good thing in school holidays too because apparently little dolls like to ice skate when their owners have time to take them.


shez said...

lovely post Tracy.xx

Janice said...

Busy holiday times. It must be wonderful having everyone at home. We've had a couple of big frosts too. Down to -5.7 yesterday. Brrr.

Marilyn said...

Hi Tracey, I have never heard of having a cat on a leash .lol. My spoilt cat has the run of the house and yard with his own entrances etc. I am amazed your walks on a leash.