Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It felt like spring

Today had an almost spring feel about it. The morning was cold but the sun shone all day long and it was warm enough to take off my cardigan while I was working. I need a lot more winter so when it returns proper, I'll be grateful. It was a truly glorious day.

The ducks made the most of the greenery from our recent rain. The pens have dried out but it still much nicer for them to be roaming and ranging trimming the grass and foraging for bugs.

Broad beans are on the way up. They are one of my favourite vegetables especially teamed with asparagus so I am a little impatient. I have also never seen them in any of our local greengrocers or supermarkets so home grown is the only way for us to go.

At the beginning of the year I signed up to send a few parcels out into the world as random acts of kindness or as part of a pay it forward type of thing. In spare moments I am plotting and planning and making up little gift packs to send. I made some hanging hand towels today using the pattern from Kerryanne's blog. I used this pattern at Christmas time too and I don't think I will make a crocheted topper again. These are quick and pretty and practical. What more can you ask for?

Bunting, aprons and a picnic blanket are next on my list. That is once I have cooked our butter chicken for dinner.


shez said...

my hubby is saying we are having spring weather.
Cant beat home grown vegs and fruit.
Love your hand towels Tracy,i have a bit of an addiction to them,lol.xx

Joolz said...

Similar weather here although we had a cold wind blowing but I'll take sunshine over cloudy skies any day!

Cheers - Joolz xx

Lisa said...

Like pretty blue dresses on the line!

I'm getting ready to write again, Tracy - when I can get my act together. :D

EverydayGirl415 said...

The towels are not only great for the kitchen (there intended use as far as I know) but are wonderful for the bathroom as well.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

oohhhh...butter chicken? Sounds delicious. How sweet you are to send out the parcels as random acts of kindness. I'm sure the recipients are thrilled to receive one! They are beautiful. :)

Janice said...

I've finally had a chance to catch up on some blog reading. It is great to see what you have been getting up to. We had a lovely couple of days here too this week, although today was back to a cold day after a really mild start. Enjoy your winter veges.

trishie said...

There are some days when it really has a Springlike feel in the arvo especially when out in the sun. The hand towels you made look just lovely.

PS: Enter the Cosima Skincare giveaway today:

Marilyn said...

I love your handtowels. And pay it forwards are fun. I am enjoying browsing through your blogs :))