Tuesday, July 2, 2013

There's always something

 This afternoon I was looking around the vegetable garden for something to contribute to our dinner. The baby broccoli aren't anywhere near ready but as pizza had been requested for tonight then that didn't matter. I was quite surprised though that there was enough out there to make much of an impact. I had underestimated the leafy greens.

 No need to have just an Iceberg lettuce. There are beetroot leaves which are almost too pretty to pick. Almost.
 Bunches of tatsoi.
 Mustard for a little bit of a zing in the salad. I picked rocket, parsley, pak choy and herbs too.

And perhaps because that is what is flourishing right now then that is what we probably should be eating more of. Our garden is so hot and dry in summer that the leafy greens don't hold up too well then but in winter, they shine. Oh how glad I am that my chickens have never found a way in to the vegie patch because they wouldn't last long (the plants that is).

Something else I spied while out and about which has become lush after our recent rain is nettles. And tomorrow night they will be on the menu and possibly in a soup for Sunday night too. When they are soft and have nice new growth, they are good but once the plant ages and gets on the woody side they don't seem to taste so nice. I'm not sure if it is that they taste any different or that by the time they get to that stage we have tired of them for the season. I'll pick some leaves for tea for people and for mixing in with the chickens breakfast too.

How's your garden growing right now? I know the Northern Hemisphere is really kicking into gear.

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Farmer Liz said...

The greens are doing well for me too, especially now that we've had a frost and bugs are gone. I haven't tried nettles as soup, but I've had them in tea, I'd like to grow them, I'm a little scared of the sting though!