Thursday, August 15, 2013


Sometimes pictures aren't always needed. Today I have been butchering a lamb and I really don't suppose many people want to look at pictures of that. I know there are some readers who might like a how-to (and more who do not) but in this case I think that is best left for someone with better credentials than me. Besides that, I was home alone today and butchery and photo taking of said butchery are not the best activities to perform solo. Answering a ringing phone isn't good either I can assure you.

This is a much nicer picture to look at. And it is a good indication of the size of our Scottish Highland cattle. They are quite a tiny breed and have the sweetest temperament. Well ours do anyway.

Ewes in the yard. All except Essy that is. She is 11 years old and does whatever she wants and doesn't care. That's the privilege of old age I guess.

My current reading fodder is No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. The library had to borrow it from another library and I'm glad they could get it because I really enjoyed it and am reading it again. I'm not sure if I should buy the book or not though. Would the environmental impact of buying the book be  negative or positive? It is definitely make you stop and think material. I saw the documentary a few weeks ago and it was good and the book even better. I'd like to give the No Impact Project a go but I'm sure no one else here would be overly keen.

I've left my blogging for late in the day today. So now it is time to make dinner. Pies. Lamb and rosemary or chicken and leek.

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africanaussie said...

wow i am impressed - you butchered a lamb by yourself!