Monday, August 12, 2013

I've been weeding

I have an apprentice at home today. Grace has a week of work experience at a restaurant but Monday is their day off so she in turn has a day working with me. Really I just have an offsider who is doing the less than thrilling things like washing the dishes. It means that on top of my farm-type chores I have had a bit more time in the garden weeding. Weeding definitely isn't the gardening job I live for but if I think of the positives of a nice garden and healthy plants then the task is more enjoyable. That and spending more time looking at the flowers than the weeds I'm pulling.

 The jonquils are the stars today. So sweet and low/ no maintenance.

I can't go past the daphne bush either. The perfume is amazing especially so from flowers which individually would be rather insignificant.

And what did I see? Two naughty ewes on the wrong side of the fence. I think they are employing the old idea that if they can't see me then I can't see them. Sorry girls, it doesn't work. These two are notorious escape artists and have been since they were lambs. Super easy to put back though, I just call there names using my angry voice and away they go. I wish it was always that easy to move sheep where you want them to go.

Now, a trip to town. School has rung up to say Hope has a sore throat and feels poorly.


Jan said...

Your flower pictures are lovely. The smell of daphne always reminds me of my parents' place in the mountains.

I copied your lemon slice recipe from several posts back. I made it to take out on Saturday where it was a huge success. Thanks for it.

trishie said...

How cute are the naughty ewes! I laughed out just reading about them.

Vickie said...

Miss them flowers so seeing your photo's..hehehe naughty ewe's,I do pray the dear Hope has a quick recovery,cheers Vickie

shez said...

such pretty flowers Tracy and i hope that Hope is feeling better soon.xx