Friday, August 9, 2013

Wacky Weather

Yesterday was chilly to say the least. A good day to be holed up with a book for most of the day. The temperature didn't make it out of single figures but at about 5pm, the sun showed itself as it set behind the hills in a what looked like a summery display.

 This morning looked completely different but surprisingly, wasn't as cold as it looked. Misty mornings are on my favourites list along with rainy mornings, sunny mornings etc.

I hope my friend likes purple because that is the colour I am featuring in a picnic blanket for her. That's tonight's project, sew up the nine fat quarters I cut up last night. I know Friday night is a popular stitching night for many so I'm hoping to catch some of those creative vibes out there and make the top tonight.


Tania @ Out Back said...

Lovely photos of natures beauty Tracy :)

Has been warm here during the days. Tonight we had a sprinkling of rain. Hope we get a bit more because the ground is drying out...


Becky said...

Hi Tracy!
I know I owe you a letter and will get on that this weekend. I've enjoyed your post on Facebook! Love the sunset sky. We are looking toward Fall now as this Summer has been so mild for us. Our son's birthday always seems to signify the start of Fall with temperatures dropping off like crazy.We've been eating tomatoes and Watermelon from our garden' they are about the only thing out there right now as we had so much rain nothing seemed to set fruit. I really discouraging year. It's either not enough rain or way too much.

Kimberley Atkinson said...

Gorgeous sky! Our Friday was like summer - I wore my sleeveless linen orange dress to school!! Has been q18 degrees all week! Colder today though.