Thursday, September 5, 2013


Graham Thomas rose

The first rose of the season. It is in fact the only rose flower out there and not only is it lonely but it is early too. I hadn't bothered looking too closely for flowers in the rose garden but I could actually see this one from my bedroom it was so big and bright (and almost past its prime). Now I'll be on the lookout for more blooms. Which I might say is a better pastime than washing walls which is what I did this morning.

A big thank you goes out to Gillian aka Africanaussie who has very kindly sent me some grass seeds. Not just regular, run of the mill grass, but pretty grasses which should grow well here and it gets better, it is just the right time for sowing. I feel very rosy today.

Hope you are feeling good too.


shez said...

such a beautiful rose,i love the colour Tracy.xx

africanaussie said...

I am glad you got the seeds Tracy, and I look forward to seeing them grow on your farm.

Becky said...