Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simply Busy

A brief chat with a friend this morning got me thinking about life and such. Well about my life in particular and how I am happy to be living it. I am well aware of how very fortunate I am to be living right here, right now. Of course things do not run smoothly and on a daily basis there are minor predicaments to deal with but they are more often than not the type of trouble that causes laughter later or even fodder for schadenfruede.
Bees, pollen, larvae and capped brood. Looking good.
Right now I am busy. Not busy in a crazy too much to do sense but more busy like a bee. I know what I have to do and it is enough. The garden is starting to pick up with new growth with the warm days (and nights recently) we have been having. Unfortunately the one really cold night we had froze the leaves and fruit that were forming on the black mulberry tree but I checked it today and there are new leaves coming on now so all is not lost.
We checked the bee hives on Saturday and things are looking good there. This early in the season there is no honey for us but they have enough for them and there is plenty of brood and pollen to keep bee numbers up. Last summer was quite hard on the bees with it being so dry and flowering being interrupted by the hot, dry weather. Here's hoping that this summer there is a little (or a lot) more moisture in these parts.
The two rams also had a hair cut on Saturday and the ewes will be shorn next week. The younger ram, Darrel, is a pleasure to shear when compared with Crinkles (so Tim tells me because I do not go into the paddock with Crinkles). He is 100kg plus of bossy ram and I'm sure if there was a picture in the dictionary of headstrong then he would be there ready to butt and bully.
Darrel at front looking unimpressed with his new hair cut and Crinkles wearing a lewd grin.
I think his attitude was picked up when he was a lamb. He was born and raised on a school farm and had more handling and human contact than necessary.

Fiona shared a picture of her wisteria (perhaps just on Facebook I'm not sure) a week or so ago and mine is just opening up now. How sweet it is.

Wisteria almost seems too good to be true. Gorgeous blooms and a scent that doesn't overpower but lingers in the air.

So having said all that, I am busy. Simply so. And in the evening if we have nothing else we want to do, we have started watching our River Cottage/ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall collection again. At the moment we are watching "A Cook on the Wild Side". Makes me want to take a trip to the UK and cruise around in a Landrover or travel along in a canal boat just a little bit.



africanaussie said...

what a lovely post! You sound happy and content. That wisteria is awesome! On my morning walk as I headed towards my neighbors fence I got a sweet lovely scent and realized that her jasmine is in flower. That put a smile on my face!

Fiona said...

sounds like a good kind of busy... your wisteria is looking great... mine has lots of leaves and the flowers are falling already... it has suddenly got quite hot!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Wish I could grow that gorgeous wisteria here :)

Busyness happening here too, I think the freshness and warmth of Spring bring us back to life after the dreariness of Winter. I love being outside at the moment except when it is too hot!

Had to laugh at your sheep. Crinkles sounds very spoiled lol!


The Little Acre that Could said...

A lovely post. Your wisteria is breathtaking. Life sounds good. :-)

Lisa said...

It's a very good thing to know what to do with oneself! (I have not forgotten that I want to write to you!)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

That frame of bees looks good! We just checked our hive the other day and things are going well. Darrel is so cute!

purplepear said...

Spring is certainly a time for busyness. My wisteria is yet to bloom. I love those sheep very cute.

Juju at Tales of said...

Simply busy is the best kind of busy.