Monday, September 30, 2013


I'm in a very fortunate position and not for a minute do I want to take it for granted. The few jobs I have had have all been ones that I love so it has always felt like I didn't work at all. I know many people just tolerate their jobs as a means to an end or worse still loathe their workplaces. I feel sorry for them especially when they don't have any way to make a move to something that would more pleasant or fulfilling. It does make up a big part of our lives after all.
My 'job' here at home doesn't pay much in dollars and cents but it is rewarding nonetheless. I'm my own boss, I'm home for school holidays, the hours are flexible as long as the jobs get done (chooks and moreover ducks do insist on their breakfast by a certain hour) and although there is a seasonal flow to the tasks that need to be done, it isn't boring.

 This was my commute today. I have to walk along the road from the house yard to the paddock where the sheep are. Today was drenching day and we also started shearing. It's hot work and physically tiring too. And there is more to do tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it because it is really hands-on work and I like that lanolin smell of sheep and the chance to pet them a bit.

 My little highland calf, Teddy, wasn't taking any chances though. Just in case we decided to shear him. No worries there.

And no one is the worse for wear after being in the yards except maybe the humans who I must say are feeling a bit weary this afternoon.

And if anyone is interested, my other jobs have been working  as a scientist in clinical microbiology and as a school administration officer for a short time.

Do you like your job? I hope so.


Sharon said...

Hi Tracy
You are very lucky to have a job you love, I job share in a pretty boring job but I have been there for 20 years. Im glad its only part time. I really love that highland calf you have he is adorable.

Joolz said...

I work in our car dealership business and while I don't mind the work, I wish I worked less. Three days a week instead of five would be great. Of course, I can have a day off whenever I like but I usually do 5 days a week but the hours are quite flexible too. I usually work 10-4 but sometimes stay until 5pm, like today.
I would love to have a day or two a week to be in my home rather than shooting off to the office, leaving things to be done.

Cheers - Joolz

The Little Acre that Could said...

Teddy is adorable!

I went to a 4-H show on Saturday and watching those kids prepare their animals for judging classes was amazing. The sheep were getting clipped to perfection ... nothing one would see on a real sheep farm I'm sure. But they sure were beautifully groomed.

I could see that the kids really loved their animals and the job of taking care of them.

Fiona said...

lovely to see a view at your workplace... well done with all that manual labour.... I also 'work' from home... and yes, I do love it...

Becky said...

Most days YES... but there are days when I'd much rather be at home.

Kim said...

I connected with this post.I often have to remind myself that what we do here is 'a job' . It is so much fun I forget sometimes.

Vickie said...

Hmm do I like my job - interesting question. I enjoy spending my day with most of the people I work with we have plenty of laughs and pretty much all get along..I do not enjoy sitting in Air conditioning all day...I am pining for the day when I can become a home body with land an vegie garden and down south LOL...cheers Vickie

xo.sorcha.ox said...

I love the smell of a shearing shed - reminds me of my childhood! :)

Tania @ Out Back said...

My job is at home, and I wouldn't change it for anything! I am quite happy to live simply and go without worldly things so there is no need for me to work outside the home. I don't have time to go out to work, I am kept busy enough right here.

I don't blame Teddy for hiding, he is too cute to be shorn. Looks like you are having some nice sunny weather your way. Your walking place is way different and prettier than mine :)