Friday, October 4, 2013

October Garden Share

I'm joining up with a few other gardeners again this month in the Garden Share Collective. September appears to be a good time for gardening for me here in the north west of NSW at least. Not too hot, not too cold... Goldilocks conditions... just right.

 The garden and everywhere in fact is green. It's those little showers of rain here and there that are keeping things looking so fresh. Not soaking rain unfortunately but very much welcome.

September was a good month harvest wise as well. Given that there are none of those hefty crops like pumpkin or melons to tip the scales, 8.6 kilograms/ 19.3 lb isn't too bad a haul.

The harvest for September was made up of asparagus, rocket, turnip, silverbeet, carrots, lemonades, celery, snap peas, snow peas, peas, spring onions, herbs , lettuce, Brussels sprouts, broccoli,  beetroot, limes, leek and cabbage. I think I only visited the greengrocer twice in the whole month and that was for apples, potatoes and mushrooms.

And something that is really only of interest to me and perhaps Tim, we had 40mm of rain for the month and our temperature maximum and minimum were 33degC and 3.4 degC respectively. The temperature is measured on the verandah which is a sheltered position so not entirely indicative of what it is like for the poor plants that have to deal with the extremes.

I'm really hoping that I can better my tally as the weather warms up. I'm resigned to the fact that I will always have to buy some sort of fruit but I think I could almost take up the challenge right now and not buy vegetables. I just might.

 The bees are getting a real treat with the number and variety of flowers around. After last summers harsh conditions they deserve it. It is hard to believe that we harvested honey this time last year because this year the bees really only have enough for themselves at this stage. Things are looking good though for a harvest a little later in the season.

On my to-do list last month that I didn't get done was label the fruit trees. It's definitely not a pressing task so it just didn't get done. I know what they all are anyway. What did get done though was netting. I'm all for sharing my fruit but unfortunately the local bird life doesn't know the meaning of the word share. I'm fairly certain they are of the opinion that I planted those trees for their benefit alone. Sorry birds.

Plans for October:
  • sow more seeds
  • make more compost
  • cross fingers for hatching turkey and duck eggs
  • try to keep on top of the mowing
  • eat from the garden everyday
  • remove the 'winter' vegetables to make room for summery things
  • plant said summery things
  • spend a few minutes a day under the jasmine before it is gone for the year
Lizzie had the idea of a seed exchange this month too. I have already popped some snake bean seeds in the post for her but I could probably spare another packet or two. I also have some spare Climbing Princess bean seeds and some Bhut jolokia chilli seeds. I can only post these within Australia and not to Tasmania or Western Australia and my supplies are limited to what I collected last year. Just email me if you are interested: sunnycornerfarm (at) hotmail (dot) com

I would really like to get my hands on some Cinnamon myrtle and Aniseed myrtle plants/ seeds after having  the pleasure of seeing/ smelling them a while ago at the Mt Annan Botanical gardens. I think they are few and far between though particularly the cinnamon.

Now I am off to make a boring old dinner of spaghetti bolognaise which apparently my girls don't like (I thought all children were supposed to like bolognaise). They do however enjoy my pasta bake which is the same spaghetti bolognaise baked in the oven with cheese on top just don't tell them that.

And one of the perquisites of school holidays is girls who like to cook have time to make dessert. Panna cotta for us tonight. Thanks Grace.



Jodie said...

Gorgeous post Tracy!!!

It was so lovely to see what is happening in your garden this September... I live in Upper Western NSW and although some things are similar in our gardens a lot of things are very different... I am lucky enough to enjoy beetroot, onions/leeks and peas all through the Summer months and this time of year is when they are at their best...

I loved the picture of your blossoming jasmine - one of my favourite perfumed plants for sure!!! :)

My girls have planted your princess climbing beans this year in the garden - I think it was almost 4-5 years ago that you gifted them to us and we are still using them, and they give us a 100% strike rate every year...

Take Care and Happy Gardening...

Jodie :)

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Wow it is beautiful there, really looks like spring. We are into fall here, still green but it is cooling down. I trade vegetables for fruit when I have a good year.

Christy said...

You have such a wonderful garden Tracy I just love all that you share with us.

Take care and enjoy the summer ahead, we are heading into winter, but this time of year is just lovely here in PA.


Cathy H said...

I hope you all enjoyed your dinner sounds delicious....

africanaussie said...

wow that is amazing never having to shop for veggies! Thank you for introducing me to the garden collective - it is such fun seeing all these new to me gardening blogs. Oh I would love to spend time sitting under flowering jasmine!

liz said...

It's always a relief to get a little rain during a month. Fingers crossed we will get a few more days of rain this october. Your place is still very green though. our fruit trees are still not big enough to even think about netting but our neighbours have warned us that the birds love all the fruit trees in the valley. Looking forward to getting some of your seeds.

Melissa L said...

Gosh, your harvest sounds so plentiful! Asparagus? Rocket? Broccoli? Wow! It's fantastic you didn't have to go to a greengrocer much. That would definitely be my ideal.