Saturday, November 30, 2013

Garden Share Collective- December
I'm joining in with other likeminded folks and sharing a peek into what will be happening in my garden in December. Lizzie is the host and you can see what's happening in other gardens here.
We have had variable weather this spring. Hot, dry, cool, wet. All of it. The one thing that we could count on though was wind. It has been very windy this spring and I'm more than ready for the wind to move on. It has made planting a bit hit and miss, trying to time things just right.
I am going to be doing quite a bit of planting over the next month. Almost anything can go in the ground now in my parts except for the plants that prefer cooler growing conditions (so no peas, broadbeans or brassicas).
 It seems from my records that this November was light on in the harvest department. It's an in between time in the vegetable patch but possibly with better organisation I could cover the gap between winter goodies and summery vegetables better.

The standout harvest in the past month has been strawberries. Enough for the table and enough for a jar or two of jam. Not enough to become bored with them unfortunately.

Not too long now and other fruit will be ready for harvesting too.
 It's hard to believe that this plum was just one of the blossoms on the tree back when I did my first post for the Garden Share Collective. Not quite rip yet though.

Peaches are coming along and without the netting, we would have none. There has been a band of white cockatoos hanging around and then there are the resident birds who think nothing of tasting every piece of fruit.

The netting didn't save me a single cherry. Hope can work her way into the nets unlike the birds and she would have some on the way to and from school... goodbye cherries (and loquats too).

 This is my finger lime tree with decent sized fruits on it ripening. I've had the tree for a few years now and it has had flowers which amounted to nothing but this year, here they are. I was a bit worried it might be too cold here for this type of tree even though I've made it a nice little micro-climate. Patience does pay off in the long run.

 Corns shouldn't be too far away either. Yum.
 Red onions. I hope they are nice a hot. I'm on the hunt for some pickling sized onions so I can make some Dressed up onions.

And how the chickens haven't found and 'harvested' this rainbow chard I do not know.

To Do in December
  • reap what I have sown
  • lots of mowing- the recent rain has given us a lawn
  • more planting and seed sowing
  • turn the compost
  • weeding
  • feed the garden as needed  with liquid manure, worm tea and green manure
  • and take a bit of time to enjoy the start of summer, Christmastime and the school holidays(which start on Friday)


shez said...

wow tracy what a productive garden you have,thankyou for sharing.xx

endah murniyati said...

Your garden look so interesting. Al the crops look so stunning. Thank you for sharing. I'm your new follower

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I like that fruit, we have trouble with stink bugs ruining the peaches and some vegetables like green beans. You must be getting some warm weather for things to grow like that.

liz said...

I am totally jealous of your nectarines and peaches, they look sooooo good. I have a few years to wait before mine get going. Its unheard of around here that strawberries would be picked in November, glad you got to preserve some of them for the coming months.

africanaussie said...

Oh your strawberry crop is awesome, and your fruit is looking lovely, nice and protected. I laughed though at Hope getting your cherries.

My Yellow Heart said...

So jealous of your strawberry crop, and your peaches. They look delicious!