Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Month of Letters

As it is the middle of the day and just too hot to do much outside (that's the excuse I'm using), I've been having a little look around blogs I like. My attention was caught by Sarah's post about Letter Mo. There are some things I just can't seem to say no to and letter writing is one of them.
I naturally wasted spent some time checking out the website and signed up and am already day-dreaming thinking about who I will send off some happy mail to. There's a good chance that if I have your address it will be you. It equates to 20 mailed items for me so it will be doable and fun. The fun part is the important thing.
Now I can't waste anymore time. Our hives have full honey supers so we are going to extract this afternoon. The bees have been super busy. So it's an afternoon of sweet, sticky, messy, yummy fun.


Paola said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for bringing my attention to the letter writing challenge. I was one of those kids who had lots of pen pals, I loved writing and receiving letters, but haven't written a letter in years. I think I'll give this challenge a crack too.

I'm indoors as well this afternoon, it's pretty yucky out there. I'll get out after dinner.

Hope you have fun with your bees..

endah murniyati said...

Beautiful, I like the bear.

africanaussie said...

I used to write sooo many letters keeping in touch with friends and family as we travelled the world on our sailboat. Then I started calling my Mom, but unfortunately she can no longer hear me on the phone and gets muddled. I have gone back to my weekly "Momfax" telling Mom my weekly news, and she seems better able to absorb the news as she can read it over and over. I realised after reading your post how important letters have been in my life. thanks for sharing that.

Lisa said...

I suppose you must have either a very good memory, or some sort of way to keep it all straight - I mean, what you're saying to each person. :)