Friday, January 31, 2014

Garden Share Collective- February

I'm not sure where time flies to but it most certainly does fly by. My youngest started high school a couple of days ago and I think I'm still getting over her starting kindergarten in 2007. As for January 2014, it passed by in a blur or at least a heatwave. The end of the month brings around the time to share what's happening in vegetable patches all over the place via the Lizzie's Garden Share Collective. Lots to see and be inspired by.
This past month the garden has been very thirsty. I water everyday and sometimes I think some plants  might need a second drink. It has just been that hot and dry. Then there are the days that a gusty hot wind comes along to complicate things a little bit more. Still I love my garden and the rewards it gives me far outweigh my input.


I really wasn't keen on planting in January because of the conditions but I just couldn't resist. So I planted some late corn. Normally I wouldn't plant corn seeds that late because we actually are in a cool zone and the winter comes hard. Given that it feels like winter will never eventuate, I popped in three rows of bantam corn which are growing quite nicely and germinated in record quick time. I do hope to get corn off them but if not, I'll chop them up for mulch or let the animals enjoy them whichever they won't go to waste.

Golden Bantam corn

The good thing about January is that it's the time when you start to see real results for the spring planting (in my garden anyway). Everyday we eat fresh from the garden and in fact most meals are decided based on what looks good in the garden at that time.
Green Zebra tomato
 At their best right now are:
  • eggplant
  • tomatoes
  • zucchini
  • beans
  • corn
  • herbs
  • potatoes
  • capsicum
Thirsty zucchini
To do in February
  • extracting honey (the bees have been super busy this season)
  • package honey
  • process beeswax
  • keep watering
  • keep weeding
  • no mowing, the lawn is brown
  • make jams and pickles and sauces
  • start off some seed trays of winter vegetables (believe it or not)
  • hope for rain


shez said...

Love seeing what produce you have in your garden Tracy,this year was the first time we hadn't planted zucchini.axx

Dzoli said...

Can only confirm ,nothing taste better than your own.Hope you have made filled zucchini flowers a delicacie and made quickly.Greetings form sunny New Zealand:)

Sharon said...

Beautiful garden photos xx

Sunnybrook Farm said...

My girl just got her learners driving permit, that came fast as well.
I have not seen a tomato like your zebra. It has been so cold here that it is nice to see your summer garden, you do so much in a dry climate.

Jen Ham said...

How incredible you have fresh honey! Wow! So inspiring! xo Jen

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Jealous! ;) I didnt put in a patch this year because i'm still recovering from the disaster of last summer. But we're re-planning for next season. Got to get this watering thing sorted!

endah murniyati said...

Your plant look so interesting, especially your tomato. You have a great plan for next month. Sounds so interesting have your own honeybee.

A little bit country said...

Hi Tracy,

So pleased to have stumbled upon your blog via Lisa at Creative Wings. I'm joining in with the Garden Share Collective this month, looking forward to reading other garden journey. Elaina xo

africanaussie said...

It is a bit early to start planting here, but I am giving it a go. I love your bantam corn - how pretty! I have never heard of it. where did you get the seeds?

liz @ Strayed Table said...

Nothing tastes better than your own home-grown food. I have not bought tomatoes for years now, I just don't understand why the ones in the shops are so terrible. Enjoy your harvesting and fingers crossed for you corn to produce before the winter comes.

thenewgoodlife said...

I'm not sure how I've missed you're blog to date, but that picture at the top looks perfectly idyllic. I'm going to enjoy reading back I'm sure. Hope you're daughter settled in well to high school, I used to teach year 7s before I went on maternity leave and I loved that start of the year when they were so fresh and excited to be there, if a little nervous. My daughter started Kinder yesterday, a big exciting day for all of us.

Summer is a funny time in the garden isn't. The heat (at least this year) isn't conducive to being out there, yet the plants are in full production and need lots of watering, weeding etc.

I'm very envious of the honey you will have next month, how fabulous.

magicjessnrach said...

Oh, how I would love to keep bees! Thanks for sharing :)