Saturday, February 1, 2014


I posted my first mail for the LetterMO Month of Letters today. Actually I had my mailing middle man, Tim, pop it into the post box in town. The post box is 50km away and in all honesty I'm not that dedicated to mailing out a letter everyday that I would drive that far but he is at work over the weekend so all is good. 

My first item of mail for the month was a postcard along with a cinema advertising flyer for the recent Doctor Who special heading off to Russia (via postcrossing).

I also wrote a little note to my Mum and sent that too. Hope she likes it.

This is the box that I keep the letters in that I receive. It has of course filled to overflowing a couple of times so now it is just the special cards and letters from days gone by and  the most recent mail I've read and replied to.

Today I've been doing just about anything to not think about how hot it is outside. I have given up looking at any forecasts because they really don't have much in the way of good news. I've had to top up the chicks water twice. They can't have deep water dishes because they can drown. The ducks however like to mess and splash around in any water and must investigate every fresh supply that comes their way whether it is intended for them or for little chicks.

Anyway it is toasted sandwiches for dinner here tonight. I don't want to heat up t he kitchen anymore than necessary. I did make a cheesecake this morning to soften the blow of having a snack for dinner.


Joolz said...

It didnt get so hot here as forecast. I reckon about 36C instead of 40C so thats good and now its cooling off. I have been indoors since mid morning. I watched Sense & Sensibility (and napped through part of it, oops!) then I did a spot of decluttering in my linen closet/room. More could be done but I tired of that. My sister visited for a while then I decided to bake cookies. Thats done now I'm having a wine waiting for Gus to come home. Bbq steaks for dinner.
Might get to the beach late tomorrow arvo if it cools off, expecting 40C again tomorrow.

shez said...

Love Dr Who and love your folk art box Tracy.xx

xo.sorcha.ox said...

I have my first batch of LetterMo mail ready to go out too! Since I have to go to the post office twice a day from Monday through to Thursday each week, I'm going to try posting just the one LetterMo letter a day - except for Thursday, when I'll post two because I don't go to the post office on Fridays, and I'm not making a special trip in the heat!

It got to 44 degrees here again today. Two-day cool change expected sometime this evening, but with wind, so that'll just stir the very, very dry dirt up. :/ I cannot wait for summer to be over! ;)