Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday 8/2

We've been on the move this week. Moving stock to 'fresh' paddocks. Though in all honesty nothing is looking very fresh right now. The ewes and cattle are now closer to the house and have access to a creek which is flowing surprisingly well. Not too much further downstream the creek isn't flowing at all. So we have a lot to be thankful for. Water is such a precious resource and right now we can't afford to waste a drop. Of course that doesn't stop the ducks splashing it around like we are in flood conditions.

This is how we move the rams. The boss, Crinkles, goes on the lead and takes Tim for a walk. Darrel just follows along wherever the boss goes. I stay out of the way of Crinkles but Darrel is a sweetie. They are in their own paddock well away from the ewes for the time being.

Although it is hot, dry and overall not too pretty around these parts right now, there are spots of prettiness. The vegetable garden has quite a few dahlias in bloom. It's the only garden that I'm still watering regularly because it feeds us. Oh for a few or a hundred mm of rain.

Then there is always some beauty around that needs no tending. You might have to look a little harder but it's there.


Zara said...

Our one rather neglected rose bush is in bloom at the moment. It gets little water but seems to continue to flower.
All your little sheep lined up look very obedient. x

shez said...

lovely post and pics Tracy,yes it would be nice to get some rain.xx

Lisa said...

That purple flower - beautiful!
Does your grass always get so dried up in summer? I still love your landscape, every.time.

Sharon said...

Oh how I love dahlias.

The little book of Nessie said...

Loved the picture featuring the bee. Great picture of the sheep all in a line. We need water too, it has been so hot in Victoria. Regards, Nessie

Fiona said...

so dry for all you farmers... you are in our thoughts... lovely pictures and such a good one with the bee... can see the pollen on its leg...