Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday 11/2

 Another hot day today. Nothing new there and I do get sick of talk of the weather. So no more on that today. But, there are some clouds around and a bit of humidity or something that feels a little different in the air. No, no more weather talk.

Turkey babies are much nicer than heatwaves and such. These guys are really quite friendly. They don't scoot off when we are nearby but willingly let you pat them and handle them. I'm fairly certain it has something to do with the fact that they know who feeds them.

Yesterday I had a break from the norm and went out for morning tea at a friend's home. It was nice to be spoilt. I took along a few goodies and didn't leave empty handed.

A heap of chillies. Some are destined for sambal and some will be put to good use in my zucchini relish. Fortunately for me both recipes are here in the same place. They aren't for the faint hearted though.
A bag of little green apples too. A couple have gone to school in the lunchboxes and I'm thinking and apple and honey cake sounds good. Or maybe an apple pie or apple jelly. Decisions.
I'm having lots of fun with the letter writing for LetterMo . Funnily enough  or rather ironically, I have had less mail come in this month (so far) than I usually do.


Jan said...

That's a great lot of chillies. I grew some on my balcony last year and they were going well till the sulphur crested cockatoos ripped them off. I had thought chillies would have been OK. Earlier in the year they had ripped out flowering hyacinths from a pot and eat half the bulbs. Bulbs are poisonous so I don't know the after effects.

My brother made lovely jelly with green apples and mint, vinegar and jelly. I don't know how well mint may have lasted through the summer at your place, but it's another thing to do with them.

Kim said...

Wow, impressed with your garden haul today! Those apples look gorgeous!
I think all of us blogger should go out at about 7pm when it is cooled down a little and do a rain dance. Oh to see a rain drop again!

shez said...

Lovely post Tracy.xx

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

oh, the turkey babies are adorable!! Beautiful chilies and apples! Can't wait for Spring..... :)

Kimberley Atkinson said...

love the turkey! And fab chillies! We had some rain this morning but the backyard is dirt in places, so it will take a lot more! Letter coming this month - exam over. yay.