Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday 12/2

A spot of knitting. A cotton and bamboo mix for a dishcloth. Much nicer to knit with cotton than wool during the hotter weather.

Some sauce in the making. This batch is plain old tomato sauce. The recipe is here if you want to have a try. I promise it is easy and versatile too.

 My end of the street. Moving the stock down the road to a new paddock last week. They don't line up like the sheep do but they are still well behaved. The secret, train them with food. They have four stomachs after all.

The other end of the street. It's only 13km away from me but it is just that bit more dry and there really is nothing to be grazed on. The sky is pretty though.

Back to the kitchen now. I'm making a bit of a special dinner for a special day for us.


shez said...

Lovely post Tracy,hope you enjoyed your special meeting.xx

Fiona said...

I like that cotton/bamboo too... The cows look so sweet wandering down the road.... Enjoy your special dinner... ?anniversary

Joolz said...

Thats the yarn I use for dishcloths, it knits up nice.