Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Doing all the same things I always do and not finding much that is noteworthy. Just blissfully ordinary. Feeding people, feeding animals, tending to gardens, cleaning, writing notes and letters and unfortunately not much happening on the creative front. I want that to change so I just have to stop procrastinating and actually make something.

I did do something worth mentioning on Saturday. I took a wee trip to Nundle to catch up with some very lovely ladies who blog. They were all busy stitching and I was not so I couldn't stay too long. And I was too forgetful to take photos. But it was truly lovely to meet some for the first time and to catch up with others I have met before. I am putting my name down for next year's Girls Day in the Country for sure.

 It really is a great network that we have here.

And in the meantime I will just keep on enjoying my ordinary life because to me it is rather special.


shez said...

Tracy it was so nice to meet you,it was such a surprise,you made my day,it will be so good to catch up with you again next year.xx

Sharon said...

Nothing ordinary about a dahlia they are spectacular lol x

Lisa said...

It seems special to me, too. :)

Kim said...

Tracy I want to know about those boxes on the tree int he pictures. Are they for birds?

Janice said...

It was great to see you at Nundle. I'm glad that you realise how special your lifestyle is. All of your tasks are nurturing others. Only certain people have those qualities.