Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday 22/3

 Cattle and sheep have been drenched (wormed) and moved along to fresh pastures.
 And I think they were happy to do so. The recent rain has greened everything up nicely particularly in the rested paddocks.

Once they were in the gate it was heads down for eating. The paddock they had been in is one of worst. Dry and not a lot of good grass, mostly native grasses that they prefer not to eat. It needs some improvement to say the least. A rest, some good soaking rain and a little bit of organic material.

I also moved some plants from the I'm past my best table at the shops to happier ground. That is, my herb garden. Nothing wrong with the plants really but new stock needs the shelf space. I'm happy. I love  a bargain and three lavenders and a rosemary are very welcome.

And one day soon they can be fodder for my favourite bee. No, it isn't one of our honey bees. It's our native blue banded bee. We have quite a number of these visiting the garden and on occasion sleeping overnight in a fox fern which is on our veranda. They are cute and have a really nice buzz. Right now, they are making the most of the rosemary and the basil.



shez said...

Hi Tracy ,it was such a lovely surprise to meet you at Nundle i had no idea that you were going to pop in,so glad i have met you my friend.Its good to get some barginns for the garden and gee you are right your cows arent much bigger then the sheep,lol.Love your bee i havent seen any of this sort before,hope you have a lovely weekend tracy.xx

Lisa said...

OK - so, let me get this straight. You have a cute type of bee which uses your fern as a bed-and-breakfast? They don't live in a hive? :D

(love your scenery!)

Zara said...

Rosemary and lavender are two of my favourites. It wont be long and they'll be bushy and lush with new growth.

Fiona said...

lovely farming pictures... I do love those cattle...

Kim said...

Love the photo with the mountains in the background. This lovely green grass is wonderful isn't it ! Are your highland cattle gentle and easy to handle?

Lost In Utensils said...

Gorgeous pics Tracy!