Monday, March 24, 2014

One of those days

No, not one of those days where things go wrong. That was Saturday when the washing machine leaked all over the laundry floor. One of those days that feels just right. 

Looking out the backdoor to mist and clouds and listening to the rain on the tin roof is just about perfect.

 It's been awhile since it has felt so cosy. Any recent rain we have had has been via storms or quick downpours but today it is that soaking rain. The kind that you want to hang around for a few days especially when you have been missing it.

What to do today then? I can think of loads of things. Once I finished outdoor jobs and had a quick walk down the street. I mean if you're working in the rain and getting wet then why not make the most of it and get saturated which I did. A shower then a day doing bits and pieces inside.

I made Zucchini Polpettes. Mine look pretty rubbish rustic compared to the ones in the recipe but hey, who cares? They taste FAB. Moreish even. It's the cheese.

And while in a River Cottage mood, I'm going to sit down and watch an episode or two while I make up some kits that came with some Mollie Makes magazines. See, I told you it was one of those days.

I'll just try to put it out of my mind that I have to go back out into the rain later to do the afternoon chores.


Kim said...

I love days like those ..when the pressures off and you can just be you. Rain on the tin favourite sound.

Louise Jane said...

We have rain here too. Nothing like the sound of rain on the roof. Hopefully it will keep up for a while and I might be inclined to get my vegie patch up and running again.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

The zucchini looks amazing. Rainy days are perfect crafting days. :)

shez said...

Hi Tracy so lovely you got rain,hope it's filling tanks and dams.Have fun making your projects,I love the Mollie books.xx

Lisa said...

I'm glad you've got the soaking rain and the beautiful views. Enjoy your time inside.

Janice said...

I was looking out the window at work yesterday and wishing that I was home doing similar things to you. It was the perfect weather for pottering in the kitchen and doing some stitching.

Lost In Utensils said...

What a perfect day Tracy! Rain on a tin roof and yummy zucchini polpettes. We are finally getting soaking rain here too...finally! Nothing like that cosy feeling.