Sunday, March 23, 2014

On My Camera

I was slow to fall in love with digital photography  but now I love it. No film to waste so you can click a picture of anything and everything. No delay in finding out if the pictures actually were in focus and editing and organising is easy.
A few snaps that were on my camera today.

Trilby. Her horns are just starting to grow but are hiding under that rather unfortunate fringe.

 A burger. Now I didn't take this picture but I do know that this was Hope's lunch because I saw her making it. I didn't realise though that she had been exercising her food styling muscle. I love the olive on the skewer and the pepper decorating the plate. Too many recipe magazines and television cooking shows for this girl I think.

And a few letters waiting for tomorrow's mail one to the UK, one to Queensland and one of my favourites, an order to Diggers. I have a birthday card to send out too but I'm still undecided about what to pop in the envelope along with the card.



Sharon said...

aw isnt that cow just adorable

Cathy Hetzel said...

Trilby is just so the fringe....

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Trilby is beautiful. I, too, was slow to accept digital but couldn't imagine it any other way now. :)