Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Challenges

I'm often setting myself ridiculous challenges. Challenges might actually be too strong a word, goals is perhaps more appropriate. Challenges implies something serious which isn't what my challenges are about. In February there was Letter Mo and in the past I have done a few fitness type challenges(without overwhelming success), only eating what we grow (that got a bit boring), no chocolate, no coffee(I switched to decaf and all was good) and so on.
I must be feeling up for a challenge or setting some goals and so here goes. This is what I'll be doing:
I think the list is achievable and all positive. No denying myself or suffering involved.

Today I planted some microgreens. This was a little freebie packet and is first on my list. The beauty with microgreens is that from sowing to harvesting can be as little as two weeks and because the plants are so young they are full of flavour and goodness. Once mine germinate I'll keep them in the kitchen ready to pep up a meal or two when they are big enough.

I'm challenging myself to comment on ten blogs each day I turn on the computer because I often find myself reading blogs and not leaving a comment. Not because I'm not interested in what has been written but because I haven't got time. Well I'm going to make the effort because it is nice to get feedback or even just a hello. I'm going to try to work through my list of blogs I follow not just comment on the ones that have popped up on my reading list for that day.

Enough about 'challenges'.

I picked a nice basket of vegetables for tonight's dinner of a warm meatball salad. I'm going to zip down just before dinnertime to pick the leaves- lettuce, nasturtium, rocket and a couple of basil leaves.

In the salad basket- trombocini, cucumbers (Richmond River green and Mexican sour gherkin), capsicum, beans, radish, tomatoes and a chilli (one is enough). I'm adding roasted potatoes and pumpkin to the salad too which just wilts the leaves and warms the pesto dressing up nicely.

While I was there  I picked a basket of dahlias. It's not often that I have cut flowers inside, I just make the most of them outside but right now there are more than enough blooms for both inside and outside. I'm really loving their boldness and I don't care a bit that the colours don't exactly work together.

Now I must leave this post here and make my comments or I'll be failing already on day one.


shez said...

good achievable challenges i feel Tracy,good on you and tea for tonight sounds very nice,love your home grown basket of vegies and flowers,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

endah murniyati said...

I have never known about micro greens, sound so interesting. Your dahlias always make me so jealous. You have very stunning flowers, and veggies of course

Janice said...

Good on you with your goals. Your basket of veges look delicious. I'r rather jealous of your dahlias. The heat and wind knocked ours around. I have one lonely flower this year and a few more buds. I hope the frosts stay away long enough for them to bloom.

KERYN B said...

Tracey I always love to see what you pick from the garden and today it's all wonderful, the flowers are beautiful.

Cheryll said...

It was lovely to meet you face to face Tracy! :)

Fiona said...

haha... yes it is easy to pop by and not leave a comment.... we all do that... I love the look of your basket of fresh veges..

africanaussie said...

Tracy, I often make challenges, and then end up letting them fade away, and then I get so cross with myself... That is a great list of challenges you have set for yourself. I am also growing sprouts and microgreens - still experimenting so will be interested in seeing what you do. When I had the microgreens outside they got bugs, and did not thrive. Inside they seem to be doing better, but I really think the microgreens need to be grown in soil.

Lost In Utensils said...

That's a great way of setting goals and achieving them Tracy. When they're realistic, they're sustainable...but what about eating chocolate now? :)

Zara said...

I'm terrible with reading blogs and not getting around to commenting. It's something I need to work on.
Here's to a productive April. x

thenewgoodlife said...

Goals are good, I always work better to a goal (as long as I remember it and review my progress if it's a long term one). The micro greens sound like a great idea too - I should try that on my window sill too.