Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday arvo

Such a lovely afternoon. Sunny and mild but I really would like to see some wintery weather. Nothing to be done about it, just enjoy the current autumnal bliss.

There are quite a few flowers around for the bees. Some of the eucalypts have blossoms so for the most part the garden is by-passed in preference for the easy meal offered by the gum trees. The lavenders are still popular though.

There has been a bit of cabbage moth activity on my broccoli plants. The cauliflowers are untouched so far thankfully. I'm looking forward to homegrown broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. I'll be buying from the greengrocer for a while yet.

This is what the vegie garden looks like this afternoon. Quite a few blank spots. Some compost bins in situ to build up the beds. The black bins aren't my preferred method of composting but they do the job albeit slowly.

And my project for this week is to pull out, pile up and burn fleabane which have popped up in the paddock. Busyness and a bit of laziness if I'm honest have stopped me from doing until now and there are already flowers and consequently seeds ready to spread more. It's getting done this week!



Joolz said...

Absolutely love that macro bee pic!

Lisa said...

Your compost bins interest me, Tracy - you must be able to fill them pretty quickly.
I mailed your handwarmers yesterday! Doesn't look like you'll be needing them any time soon, though. :D
There's no note with them; I'm writing a letter and will send it a little later.

Fiona said...

theres always lots to do in the garden... a little bit of rain and the unwanted plants shoot up!

Kim said...

I never knew what that weed was, and as always you are the best bee photographer I have ever seen. You must have the bees lining up to get their photo taken by you.
I loved the shot of your whole garden, I had never seen it as a whole before - very inspiring.

Sharon said...

Wow everything is looking fantastic. Great photography by the way. I love bee photos x