Wednesday, May 21, 2014

While I'm Waiting


I'm making nettle beer this afternoon. It's a dangerous occupation and I have a few stings to prove it. So, while I wait for the nettles to boil and then cool sufficiently, I'm here writing and reading too.

It's been a productive day. And absolutely gorgeous weatherwise.
  • I sowed pak choy, telephone peas and a row of saxa radish.
  • Made an experimental batch of chilli beer which I'm not holding out much hope for.
  • Moved the ram up to visit the ewes.
  • Accidently had a nap.
  • Baked for lunchboxes.
  • And all the usual stuff.

My little calf, Trilby, is growing up and is ready to be weaned. That's my opinion, not hers.

It truly was glorious here today. But a little bit of rain to settle the dust would be wonderful.


shez said...

Hi Tracy I hate touching nettles,I always end up with sore fingers,lol,lovely post you sure have been busy.xx

Kimmie said...


Joolz said...

Our run of lovely came to an end today with quite a bit of rain, although the day was still mild.
Oh, accidental naps are the best! I set my phone for 30 minutes sometimes...bliss!

Tania @ Out Back said...

I have heaps of nettles in my veggie patch. I am letting them grow and hoping to do something with them :) Love the autumn colours in your photos Tracy :)