Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Get Rich Slow Scheme

I hope you weren't mislead by the title, I was just being silly. I have no scheme to get rich slowly or quickly or any other way. Sorry!
My life is already rich in the things that matter anyway. 

I was referring to my haul from the scrap metal yard the other day. $15.50 plus 10 cents I found on the footpath. It is money for nothing though which is a nice bonus. Aluminium cans sold for a grand total of $5.50 and two car batteries (one of which picked up off the side of the road) for $5 each. Not bad but it's a grubby way to make a buck. Selling rubbish has to be about as frugal as can be.

At this rate I should be winging my way to the UK on my dream holiday in a hundred years time.



shez said...

lol every bit heaps Tracy and if you can recycle and earn money at the same time,i say good on you.xx

Vickie said...

well you weren't fibbing it could be a slow scheme..but my oh my there is people that go in full hog for it-now we have cash for cans up here there is hardly empty drink containers on the side of the road anymore and seriously people raid rubbish bins for the containers too @10 cents a piece it all adds up, cheers Vickie

Fiona said...

In victoria they used to pay for all the empties and I used to do that.... it all adds up and it is not goign to landfill so that's good too...

Janice said...

When Mick did a big clean up of the shed when getting our place ready to sell, he took a big load in to the scrappy and it was definitely worth his while. I remember when we were kids we used to collect bottles and cans. My friend and I did a concerted collection from everyone we knew in the school holidays before we started high school and made enough money to buy us both all new stationery. We were so proud of our effort and all our new bits and bobs.

Becky said...

LOL... Our son "Scraps" as well and has made some decent money on the side the last few years... but of course he spent it as fast as he made it. Ah well... kids!

Tania @ Out Back said...

That's a great way to make some pocket money, if you don't mind getting grubby. I know people who do this to supplement their income. We get paid 10c a can here so we collect them up and once a year cash them in. We usually make around $130. Definitely not a quick way to get rich, but every little bit helps. Surprising how much a little scrap metal brings in too, just not a regular thing :)

You could my some crafty things with your haul or a nice book to read :) The holiday can wait lol!