Friday, August 22, 2014

Around the garden today

I really should be doing something. Vacuuming. It can wait. It's sunny and a little bit windy but I'll ignore that. I'm going outside and throwing caution to the wind and sowing some seeds for spring. Afterall, fortune favours the brave. I hope! Just a few seeds straight into the soil- zucchini and some less tender radish, bok choy and carrots. Maybe some for the little greenhouse too.

Snow pea futures

Rocket/Arugula in flower.


Rainbow chard

Amish deer tongue lettuce

Charles and Amanda

Arrow in a sunny spot
I hope you're having an interesting day.


Kim said...

Yep I should have been vacuuming today too!!!! Looks like you had a lovely day outside though!

Lisa said...

Enjoy your day, Tracy! We had a man bring animals to the library the other day, and he brought a kookaburra - it was delightful!