Monday, August 25, 2014

Today's messy spot

 Shamefully my rose garden is a mess. Weeds galore! My excuse is that it is winter and the rose bushes really aren't that appealing anyway. What an excuse. Really I'm just a bit of a shirker and I could probably show you a different messy spot every day.

Anyway I have been working there this morning. I really couldn't ignore it anymore. It's a really nice day for it too.
One wheelbarrow full of weeds and about ten more to go. I didn't bother shaking too much of the soil off. It doesn't go too far anyway.
The chooks aren't free-ranging today, it's a town day. For me not them so they are having a blast with the weeds and the soil and whatever they scratch out of it. Hopefully not too many worms, I'd rather they stayed in the garden. 
And I found my lunch in the garden too. Three lovely little potatoes which have been hiding out in the garden  and storing well over winter. Just enough for a meal for one. YUM!
It is such a lovely day today. All of the windows are open and everything feels fresh and light. Perfect! Spring is so close. So close that I did sow some sweet corn seeds in my mini greenhouse. I couldn't resist.


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I adore finds like that!! My garden is also quite full of weeds. Sadly, it's summer here so I can't use that excuse. :) Wonderful to hear you're having lovely weather!!

Simone withvintageandme said...

Hi Tracy, we have had some lovely weather here in Melbourne too. It definitely makes me want to get out into the garden. I have some weeding to do in the front yard. I can see it everytime I drive up the driveway. I will get to it one day! x