Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hit and Miss

It's a cuppa tea kind of day. The weather is all over the place. I was in town earlier and was ready to peel off my cardigan because I was too hot. Since I've been home, we have had sun, rain, sun, thunder, sun and now it really can't make up its mind and is just overcast. Perfect day for doing some inside jobs like decluttering, baking, putting away the grocery shopping (arrgh), or just writing a postcard and having a cup of tea.
I'm a lucky girl. My son, Tom, posted me a big bag of my favourite loose leaf tea and a box of tea bags as well. Yum!!
The bees never really stop foraging here. Winter just isn't cold enough. They might be slowed down a little but they keep on doing what they do. And, I keep on taking their pictures. Sometimes it's a hit but mostly it is a miss. I don't show you those pictures of course. But I will today.

 This one is a hit. Well it is to my untrained eye. I like it because when I look at it closely, I can see all of the fine hairs on the bees body. The colour of the tatsoi flowers is fairly accurate and it makes me feel happy.

The next two are definitely misses. I wish they weren't. If I knew what I was doing and perhaps if I had a fancy camera or more likely if I was just a little more lucky, they could have been really good pictures.

The trouble with taking pictures of little insects which move rather quickly is that there isn't any time to focus and ask them to just hold still for a second because you want to try again. I think luck might have a bit to do with it after all. This sweet little honey maker actually has her tongue out and if I was clever, I would have been focused on the bee, not the flower and it would have been a much better picture.

This one too. I guess I'm not ready to be a part of the insect paparazzi just yet.

Tomorrow I will be posting about my ducks. I was asked by Liz to write a guest post on her blog and it will up tomorrow. Ducks are probably even harder to photograph. Mine are, they rarely sit still and they are a little camera shy.


KERYN B said...

You keep snapping away the photos are fabulous. Love the first one it is just beautiful..

Kim said...

You are the best bee photographer ever!!