Monday, September 1, 2014


California poppy- Red chief

September is my favourite month of the year. There is a good chance that I have said before that one of the other eleven months is my favourite but that's just not true. September it is. It's early spring which is really pleasant. The days are just a little bit longer and warmer. There are flowers all over the place. And, it's my birthday month. I like birthdays. I always feel a bit of a buzz of anticipation for my new year ahead.

Today I have been pottering in the garden just a bit. Weeding here and there. Actually weeding bed one of the vegetable garden, one bed of the rose garden and one of the flower garden. If I don't keep at it bit by bit, it all comes unstuck and I can't handle it.

Even the vegetable garden is getting in on the pretty flower act. This is flower on the purple podded pea plants. No scent that I can detect but I think it would be almost sweet enough to take on the sweet peas in the flower garden.

Tonight's dinner is a simple stir fry made with beef from the farm and whatever vegetables look good this afternoon. The yellow podded peas are definitely in. I had trouble with birds at the beginning of the pea growing season and some shiny foil and cds sorted that out. Now it's two-legged thieves. Thankfully though the peas have reached the critical production level of enough for the raiders and enough for the cook. No real complaints about girls raiding my garden, that's what it there for. That's exactly what my father told me yesterday after he visited. Hmmm.

It's not all pretty flowers and yummy produce. You have to have the compost to make it so. I turned this heap this morning. It was too wet and quite sticky and heavy. I'm sure it will be good to go soon enough with a bit of stirring.


frogpondfarm said...

Hey Tracy ... Great pics! I laughed when I read about the peas disappearing. I love September too - just not at the moment as we have had 3 days of rain. Bring on the sunshine and get that garden growing. I have to start a hot compost again ... that's to go on my 'to do' list! happy gardening! :)

knitbakecultivate said...

yes we had a hint of spring today. Its so nice to have more daylight hours now, its getting a tad easier to get up in the morning :)

Fiona said...

what lovely happy flowers to greet Spring and September.... I love this time of year too....

KERYN B said...

Well happy birthday for you this month. All good people are born this month you, SHez, Me lol..
Garden looks wonderful can't wait to see what else is growing..