Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy Snaps

I'm very happy that I got to have some time in the garden today without the pressure of a to-do list and a schedule. That's the beauty of school holidays.
 Tomatoes ripening up. Yum!

The pumpkins have been absolutely relishing the stormy weather we've had this past week. There truly is something extra special about rainfall for making the garden grow.

Another gladiolus flower courtesy of the corms that Sharon sent me. Very pretty this one, not as bold as the red.

A tiny Turkish Turban pumpkin. Not the best tasting pumpkin in the world but pretty to look at and the animals eat them if we don't.

My first sunflower for the summer and she won't even look at the camera. I'm fairly sure this one was supposed to be a different colour but looks happy just the same.

Finishing off writing my Christmas cards and letters this afternoon and cooking a lasagne too.


shez said...

Hi Tracy your garden is looking awesome,love your gladi,enjoy your evening my friend.xx

Sharmayne said...

Your garden is ahead of mine - the sunflowers are not close to opening just yet, although they seem to be growing well..... I love the white Glady!! I'm planning to put them on my want to get list! Oh, and when I got home yesterday the DVD was here, and daughter had made a special trip home for yesterday so I gave it to her then & she is thrilled!! Thankyou!! Hugs Sharm