Saturday, December 13, 2014

New ornaments

I like to buy a new living tree each year to display the handmade ornaments I have received but thus far I haven't found a tree that I want to spend money on this season. So, the ornaments that people have made me are on the regular Christmas tree... for now.
This lovely cinnamon tree from Vickie was delivered on Thursday. It travelled all the way from Humpty Doo. I do love that name, Humpty Doo. Thank you Vickie one of my very first and best online friends.

A new crocheted snowflake from my #postcircle penfriend Joan in England. Thanks Joan.

A cute Santa Claus painted on a shell. This one didn't travel very far at all because Grace made it for me. Thank you Sissy.

I've shared this one before, it is from Marica who sent me a parcel via Chookyblue's Christmas swap. Thank you for the cute angel wings Marica .
I gotta do some weeding. The great rain we've had this week has given the weeds and grass a boost and they are reaching for the sky and ready to take over.

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shez said...

Hi Tracy love all your decorations and i hope you got the chance to do some wedding.xx