Monday, February 23, 2015


Today the sun is shining and it's a lovely late summers day. A little rain would be nice... very nice but it doesn't seem right to ask for it when there has been too much in parts of Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. I like to focus on the positive, that's my way. So I'm not dwelling on the letter from the Blood Service telling my ferritin levels are low again and they won't be collecting my blood for the foreseeable future. Well maybe I am dwelling on it a little.

I've spent the morning outdoors. The dahlias are good. Some are excellent and some need dead-heading and some need tying to stakes (stakes are a hot commodity here).

I'm only going to show pictures of the nice ones. No one wants to see a daggy old dahlia collapsed on the path.

Pumpkins are all over the place. I'm eager and impatient for them to be ready. I love pumpkin.


 Chillies are good today too. I'm making up a batch of sweet chilli sauce tomorrow or Wednesday and I can't believe it but I'm glad I didn't grow any super hot chillies this year. The Bhut jolokia I grew a few years ago were sold as the World's hottest chillies and they lived up to their names. We are still using the sauce made from those and from all accounts it is too hot (Tim thinks it's fine).

That's all for now.


Lisa said...

It's so hard to imagine that snow isn't covering the whole earth.

I got your postcard! Thank you!

shez said...

Hi Tracy you have the most amazing garden ,Thankyou for sharing xx

Sharon said...

Hi Tracy garden is looking lovely and yep Im loving your dahlias lol. The ones you gave me are looking awesome. The white cactus style one is as big as a dinner plate xx

Fiona said...

the weather pattern is so fickle... we got a bit damp but nothing like what was predicted over the weekend... love the colours your garden is giving you...