Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Roger, Crinkles, Tim

 It was a getting jobs done kind of day today. Brought the two rams closer to home that is they are now in the yard adjacent to the house. Last time they were here, the big bully Crinkles knocked over one of the beehives. That won't happen again, the beehives have a fence around them now but I'm sure they'll get up to some mischief. I hope it doesn't involve the vegetable garden... again.

Ewes are much easier to handle. Well mine are because they come when I whistle, they know where to go and best of all, they don't butt. I like it that way because I can do it on my own.

It was hot today and autumn is going to be welcome here. While I was watering the garden I was going over my mental list and I really do need to write it down. As I've mentioned before, it's a long list. It made me tired thinking about it. I might have to learn to delegate.

Letters to write this afternoon.
Bye for now


Zara said...

Roger and Crinkles.. how cute and I believe you when you say mischievous too.
I've got a long list happening too, mostly in my head and it needs to be written down as well.

Chookyblue...... said...

sheep week........shearing lambs and crutching ewes here........

shez said...

Hi Tracy the sheep sure keep you busy xx

Kim said...

Lovely post , Tracy. just love the photo of the sheep with the road in it .

Lilbitbrit said...

This photo is my idea of Australia, so quintessential. Such an iconic photo.

Janice said...

I can understand leaving the boys to Tim. They look rather strong. Don't the girls look like they are enjoying the stroll out along the road, tasting all that grass on the other side of the fence. Good to see it looking green.